Winning Example (1) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements

Winning Example (1) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements


In this article, I would like to share my personal statements that led me to win the Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarship (GOI-IES) 2018. This example is suitable for those who are entering the first year of their study in Ireland.

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Question #1

What is the benefit of becoming a GOI-IES Scholar, to yourself (personally and professionally), to Ireland, and to your country of origin?
(15 marks)

  • Personally: Develop a better understanding of cultural differences. The world is becoming increasingly diverse and includes people of many religions, languages, economic groups, and other cultural groups.It is becoming crystal clear that to build communities that are successful at improving conditions and resolving problems, we need to understand and appreciate many cultures, establish relationships with people from cultures other than our own, and build strong alliances with different cultural groups.
  • Professionally: I could go for professorship I have a strong will to achieve a full professorship. In Indonesia, it is impossible to be a full professor without having such a PhD degree.Therefore, I continue my PhD in Ireland. At this point, I see Ireland as one of the best countries to study Information systems.The high number of outstanding IS scholars works in Ireland, especially in the University College Cork, is a strong signal that continuing my PhD at this place is worth taking.By working at this place, I could strengthen myself in the IS research network and make noticeable contributions to the discipline.
  • to Ireland: Make research contributions by publishing papers in major IS conferences or journals. I have good experiences in publishing papers. Some of my papers are included in SCIE journals, and major IS conferences.To this point, I would like to join Ireland researcher to extend the knowledge to the discipline and publish the works under reputable publishers.The focus of my research will be in design science, which emphasize IT artefact making.I plan to construct reliable artefacts to support any stages in sales processes.By doing so, I could help many small retailers to boost their sales performances.In my humble opinion, there is minimal academic research to build artefact to support sales process; hence the potential to produce useful contribution is vast.
  • To the country of origin: to help Indonesia to boost research publication and improve teaching capabilities. When I become a GOI-IES scholar, I could do more to Indonesia.Currently, I secured a lecturer position at rank 4 best university in Indonesia.To this point, I would be able to improve my pedagogical and research capabilities. In terms of pedagogy, I would be able to extract pedagogy insights that Ireland gives.In terms of research, I would be able to strengthen theoretical IS research in Indonesia.Up to today, the Indonesia contribution to the IS theory is minimal as most of the study is closer to Computer Science or Industrial Engineering.

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Question #2

As a GOI-IES Scholar, how will you extend yourself beyond your project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize your academic/cultural exchange experience and raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond?
(15 marks)

There are several ways to improve cultural exchanges:

  1. Currently, I join Indonesia Irish Facebook Group. This group is an open version of the Indonesian Irish Association. As for the exclusive arrangement, only those who lives in Ireland can join. Therefore, I plan to join them after arriving in Ireland this year.The association itself was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 as a non-political, cultural and social society. The member of the Indonesian Irish Association is both Indonesian and Irish.By joining the group and the association, I could get more exposure to the cultural exchange and become part of the community.
  2. I would join health-aware club provided by the university. In UCC, I would like to join UCC Staff Lunchtime Walking Club, which focuses on strengthening social cohesiveness by the Wednesday Walk.The route is varying, but it usually departs from the Honan Chapel every Wednesday at 1 PM. The walking period generally takes approximately forty minutes.They gave people enough time to have some lunch before heading back to class or the office.
  3. Also, I would join the local religious community. To this point, I would like to join UCC Islamic Society.The society aim is to promote tolerance among Muslims and non-Muslims.It also provides regular sermon for Muslims and facilitates Muslims during their Fasting Ramadan festival.

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Question #3

Explain the extent to which you have a long-term interest in Ireland and how will you promote links with Ireland during your time as a GOI-IES Scholar and following your studies, as GOI-IES Alumni?
(15 marks)

There are several reasons  why I have a strong interest go to Ireland.

  • Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe.
  • Ireland is the only English speaking country in the EU
  • Ireland is recognised as an international location for high-quality scientific research.
  • Irish higher education institutions are widely recognised for excellence in many disciplines. Especially Information Systems.
  • Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, which contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to Ireland’s student life.
  • Ireland is a safe country to study.
  1. There are several things that I could do to promote links between Ireland during my study time:
    • I would join a research centre that has strong links in the IS discipline. By joining this research centre, I could expand my academic network during my study in Ireland
    • I would try my best to publish as many as possible high-quality publications in major IS journals and conferences. For each publication, I would incorporate Ireland researchers and their research partners within the research network.
  2. There are several things that I could do to promote links between Ireland and my home countries after I finish my study:
    1. Do joint research in Information Systems, mostly to write papers together and publish them in major information systems journals or conferences
    2. Moreover, I would like to make a regular IS workshop / small conference with the community that I have worked in Ireland.If possible, this workshop will be the stem cell of a new international conference where put Irish researchers as the core of the network.
  3. As a lecturer, I will continuously tell my student about my living experiences in Ireland. Especially in terms of cultural exchanges.I hope from this standpoint; more students will select Ireland as their study choice after undergraduate.
  4. I would invite outstanding Ireland scholars to be visiting professors/ researchers in my university.In Indonesia, there are some grant schemes that are useful to recruit foreign scholars to initiate breakthrough research in.The period of the visitation is around six months – two years.

You can go there to read my experience winning the scholarship

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One thing in making the application. If you decide to use the material of this website, then you need to paraphrase. Please be aware that the scholarship committee may check your application with previous applicants.


Winning Example (1) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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Winning Example (1) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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