Winning Example (2) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements

Winning Example (2) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements


In this second section in writing the personal statements for the Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarship (GOI-IES). This version is a better version than the first version of the personal statement. However, as I have won the scholarship, I could not win the scholarship twice. But I suppose that this version is worth sharing for other applicants.

Please note that this version is intended for applicants that have spent their first study year in Ireland.

Along with this material, You can go there to read my experience winning the scholarship

Please have a look and let me know your comments


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Question #1

What is the benefit of becoming a GOI-IES Scholar, to yourself (personally and professionally), to Ireland, and to your country of origin?
(15 marks)

PERSONALLY: To better comprehend world diversities. As global problems become more and more sophisticated, there is a need to collaborate with people other than our cultures. Hence, we need to comprehend and appreciate various cultures, develop a sustain relationship with other people. The world is becoming increasingly diverse and includes people of many religions, languages, economic groups, and other cultural groups.

It is becoming crystal clear that to build communities that are successful at improving conditions and resolving problems, we need to understand and appreciate many cultures, establish relationships with people from cultures other than our own, and build strong alliances with different cultural groups.

PROFESSIONALLY: I could go for a full professorship

In Indonesia, it is impossible to be a full professor without having such a PhD degree.

For this reason, I continue my PhD in Ireland.

As such, I see Ireland as the best country to study Information systems.

The high number of outstanding IS scholars works in Ireland, especially in the University College Cork, is a strong signal that continuing my PhD at this place is worth taking.

Therefore, I could strengthen myself in the IS research network and make noticeable contributions to the discipline.

TO IRELAND: Make joint-research-contributions by publishing papers in major IS conferences or journals.

I’d like to continuously collaborate with Irish researchers to publish substantial works under reputable publishers. During my initial six-months, I have attempted twice in collaborating with IS researchers in Ireland.

My first attempt with four co-authors to publish a paper in European-Conference-of-Information-Systems (ECIS), the best IS conference in the European continent, was unsuccessful. It was rejected on February 28, 2019. Nevertheless, our second attempt was successful.

Our work is accepted with minor revision for a reputable International Journal.

For my PhD program, it is the earliest publication that a PhD student ever made. Hence, it is a notable achievement.

The focus of my research is “workarounds”. A workaround is a post IT implementation phenomenon where people start deviating process from prescribed procedures (usually bounded by the IT system).

Such that, workaround happens because people perceive misfits between the sanctioned IT-systems and the real-world reality.

For example, paramedics employ shadow-paper-based-systems to duplicate existing Health IT systems or an operator develops and uses “illegal” spreadsheets to calculate tax.

Workaround itself is a dilemmatic under-research-phenomenon despite its prevalence. Here, workarounds are helpful to address daily-problems, are not-harmful by intention, and are the-innovation-sources.

However, workaround impacts could be catastrophic (if not controlled), as it may be cross-functions in organizations. Therefore, I aim to investigate the potential control-procedures for workarounds.

TO COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: to boost research publications and improve teaching capabilities.

When I become a GOI-IES scholar, I could do more to Indonesia.

Currently, I secured a lecturer position at rank four-best university in Indonesia. To this point, I would be able to improve my teaching and research capabilities.

In terms of education, I would be able to extract pedagogy insights that Ireland shares.

In terms of research, I would be able to strengthen theoretical IS research in Indonesia.

Today, the Indonesia contribution to the IS theory is minimal as most of the research efforts are closer to computer science or Industrial engineering.


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Question #2

As a GOI-IES Scholar, how will you extend yourself beyond your project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize your academic/cultural exchange experience and raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond?
(15 marks)

There are several ways to improve cultural exchanges:

  1. I would participate as an organizing committee (OC) member on the 1st Higher Education Data & Analytics Conference (HEDAC2019) within the Cork University business school (CUBS), October 2019.This conference will be very good to promote Irish Education and Research – Previously, I have experiences in handling a big-conference.I was a chairman for the Information Systems International Conference (ISICO) 2015, an Association for Information Systems (AIS) – Indonesia Chapter Conference – The AIS president, Prof Jaekyu Lee from KAIST, Korea were willing to come as a keynote.There were 235 submissions from 23 countries worldwide – All full papers went to the open-access and Scopus-indexed Procedia Computer Science (PCS), Elsevier for final publications.
  2. As I am now working as a PhD student in social science. I would prioritize Irish institutions as my case study place rather than other countries.By doing so, the incoming-research-outcomes would be beneficial to them. Hence, It would help them to evaluate and improve their daily operations.
  3. I would join health-aware club provided by the university.In UCC, I would like to join the UCC Staff Lunchtime Walking Club, which focuses on strengthening social cohesiveness by Wednesday walking.The route is varying but it usually departs from the Honan Chapel every Wednesday at 1 PM.The walking period generally takes approx. Forty minutes, which provide enough time for having lunch before heading back to class or the office.
  4. Now, I join Islamic Society in Cork Mosque at Coburg, Cork and I would continue to participate in this community. The society aim is to promote tolerance among Muslims and non-Muslims.It also provides regular sermon for Muslims and facilitates Muslim during their Fasting Ramadan festival. Regularly, I usually attend the night sermon.
  5.  I would continue my participation in the Indonesian Irish Association. The association itself was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 as a non-political, cultural and social society. The member of the Indonesian Irish Association is both Indonesian and Irish. By joining the group and the association, I could get more exposure to the cultural exchange and become part of the community.
  6. I would participate as an assistant for any research projects owned by the CUBS. Hence, I could enhance my collaboration with Irish researchers.
  7. I would participate as a reviewer for any incoming academic conferences, which involve Irish researchers as committee members.
  8. I would help my best to support the on-going application process of AACSB accreditation in CUBS.I have contributed to filling a CUBS official survey for this initiative. In the future, I open my self for other potential contributions.
  9. I would continue my participation in the CUBS regular coffee sessions (one per month).These sessions allow us to mingle PhD students from other departments and broaden my cultural and academic understandings.
  10. I would continue my participation in Irish cultural events such as St. Patrick days.

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Question #3

Explain the extent to which you have a long-term interest in Ireland and how will you promote links with Ireland during your time as a GOI-IES Scholar and following your studies, as GOI-IES Alumni?
(15 marks)


I have a very strong interest to continue my PhD in Ireland because it provides facilities to become a prolific scholar and a complete individual. Those facilities are (but not limited):

  1. Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe.
  2. Ireland is the sole English speaking country in the European Union (EU).
  3. Ireland is recognized as an international location for high quality scientific research.
  4. Irish higher education institutions are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines (especially Information Systems).
  5. Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, which are important aspects for foreign students.
  6. Ireland is a safe country to study in.
  7. Ireland has plentiful cultures and lifestyles to experience.
  8. Ireland enables post-study visa, which helps strengthen research collaboration after PhD study
  9. Ireland is a family-friendly country. It provides benefits for PhD students’ children (e.g. for school)
  10. Ireland appreciates individual freedom and diversity
  11. Cork University Business School (CUBS), Ireland has solid relations with Industry, especially in the Ireland Southern Hemisphere<<<



  1. I manage a website: to promote Ireland schools, and I would continue to do so. The site translates into the Indonesian language (or keep in English) many vacancies from Irish universities and institutes. Thus, I could promote Ireland education to Indonesian people regularly.
  2. I would try my best to publish as many as possible high-quality publications in major IS journals and conferences. For each publication, I’d incorporate Ireland researchers and their research partners (if any).
  3. I would initiate a small-research-community for new PhD students to help them to collaborate and publish soon.
  4. I frequently communicate with people about the benefits of studying in Ireland. Those people are mostly (but not limited) my university colleagues seek a PhD opportunity.
  5. I would join a research-centre that has strong links in the IS discipline. By entering this research-centre, I could expand my academic network.


  1. Do joint research in Information Systems, especially to write papers together and publish them in reputable information systems journals or conferences.
  2. I would like to make a regular IS workshop / small conference with the community that I have worked in Ireland. If possible, this workshop would be the stem cell of a new international conference that put Ireland researchers in the core of the network.
  3. As a lecturer, I would continuously tell my student about my living experiences in Ireland. Notably, in terms of cultural exchanges. I hope from this standpoint; more students will select Ireland as their study choice after undergraduate.
  4. I would invite outstanding Ireland scholars to be visiting professors/ researchers at my university. In Indonesia, some grant schemes are useful to recruit foreign scholars to initiate breakthrough research. The period of the visitation is around 3 months – 2 years

You can go there to read my experience winning the scholarship


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After finishing your application, please assure that you have properly paraphrased the outputs. As the GOI-IES committee now employs an online system, it is possible that your application is compared with others. Hence, any similarities can be a pain point of your application.


Winning Example (2) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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Winning Example (2) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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