Winning Example (3) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements

Winning Example (3) – Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements


This article shares another writing version of the GOI-IES Scholarship. In this case, I took the perspective of an International student that previously held a position as an ERP implementor. The student is admitted to the IS Program for Business Performances at University College Cork.

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Question #1

What is the benefit of becoming a GOI-IES Scholar, to yourself (personally and professionally), to Ireland, and to your country of origin?
(15 marks)

Currently, I am working as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementer, particularly with ADempiere open source. I help companies boost efficiency by managing the sales process, inventory management, and invoicing process. It also allows companies to procure and manage bills in a systematic way. Now, I have been offered a place in the Master Program in “Information Systems for Business Performance”, Cork University Business School, University College Cork. In this case, there are several benefits that I can obtain by joining this program—both for individual and for Ireland.

PERSONAL BENEFITGaining a global mindset

I have been working in small-medium enterprises in Indonesia and rarely encountered foreign people as a team. Most of my projects rely heavily on local people and their environments. By joining this master program, I could nurture a better global mindset, helping the local companies contribute to global economies.

PROFESSIONALLY: Expanding my professional networks

Furthermore, as the master program renowned for its international flavours, I could expand my current professional networks. I can meet people from diverse background and learn from them. More particularly, in how to address the local problem with local wisdom. In this case, I believe that I could expand my professional network by two things. First, meeting international friends so that I can collaborate with them to finish the modules. Second, by attending a Collaborative Industry Research Project (mandatory for master student). In this project, I would join an Irish company for three months and help them tackle their day-to-day problems. By doing these two things, I can naturally expand my professional networks.

TO IRELAND:  Helping Irish companies to solve their Business Process problems effectively and efficiently.

As an ERP implementer, I used to work with companies whose business processes are problematic. I developed practical and creative solutions for companies. These solutions can solve their business problems. Especially, those which are induced by poor business process. The answers are well planned so that they would not distract day-to-day operations. For example, I once helped a food company reduce their problematic bill amount by settling a small office (consists of two people) in the primary supplier factory. This action enabled the company to solve problems that cost them millions of dollars per year.  Therefore, I am confident that my previous background can help Irish companies be more agile and efficient. This action will help them to improve the competitiveness of Irish Industry for several years ahead.

TO COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Helps local companies to get their global mindsets

Working in small-medium enterprises in Indonesia reveals that they work from local perspectives. These perspectives somewhat hinder them from being able to compete internationally. For example, those local companies assume that entering global markets is not their cup-of-tea due to their inferiorness. I would continuously implement ERP in Indonesia. So, I would help them “informally train” to improve their business processes improve ERP. Hence, they could be entering the global market more effectively and efficiently. So, there are two benefits that these companies will get. First, it is gradually developing their confidence in entering the global market. Second, it will help them to prepare their entire business processes to compete in the worldwide market.

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Question #2

As a GOI-IES Scholar, how will you extend yourself beyond your project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize your academic/cultural exchange experience and raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond?
(15 marks)

I devise several strategies to help me deal with Irish language and cultures

  1. I would attend an English program at UCC that can help me to improve my communication skill. Most of my English needs are for conversational matters. As the English program is part of the master program, I would be happy to join the program.
  2. I would attend Irish language program. This program is also offered by the university for free or paid with a small amount of money. In this case, I would be happy to join the language program to improve my cognitive abilities and open up the Irish language’s historical side.
  3. I have joined Indonesian-Irish association that aims to strengthen the relationships between Indonesian and Irish people. The association mostly operates online, but it has an offline program that I could join and contribute. One of them is to arrange Indonesian cultural performances during St Patrick Day.
  4. I would join the Islamic organisation in UCC that help to blend with muslim society in Ireland. For example, I would attend daily prayer in the chaplaincy UCC to meet my Muslim brotherhood there. As the Chaplaincy room prayer is not exclusive to Muslims, I could meet other people from different religious backgrounds to share my spiritual experiences with them. By doing so, I could understand different cultures and mindset and cultivate a better tolerance mindset.

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Question #3

Explain the extent to which you have a long-term interest in Ireland and how will you promote links with Ireland during your time as a GOI-IES Scholar and following your studies, as GOI-IES Alumni?
(15 marks)

I am keen to join the master program of Information Systems for Business Performances. It has secured the best postgraduate courses in Ireland for 7 years in row 2019 (IT), 2018 (IT), 2017 (IT), 2016 (IT), 2015 (Business), 2014 (IT) & 2013 (IT). Hence, it assures that it is a fantastic program that can help individuals.

Especially to build, manage, and leverage their organisational skills for implementing IT solutions. Personally, there are three values that I can attain from the programs for companies: problem-solving, value generation, and cost-saving.

Moreover, the program is a 12-month intensive course with Irish Industry in various organisational levels. So, I could enhance my knowledge and skill to deal with global problems. I can benchmark what I have obtained during my years in Indonesia as an ERP implementer and what Irish has in improving business competitiveness.

In this case, I believe that doing a master degree in Ireland is worth taking. Ireland is one of the most developed countries worldwide and successfully leverage its economy to the next unprecedented level. Hence, I could learn a lot from this country.

Furthermore, I would promote Irish Education in several ways. First, I would continuously be posting what I have got from the course modules in my social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram). So, my immediate friends can benefit from what I have obtained and sparked their interest in continuing further study to Ireland.

Second, I would like to arrange a small workshop via zoom for a specific topic that I receive from Ireland (e.g. how to continue to study in Ireland). I would post the seminar on my social media – especially from groups that I join at. By doing so, I could draw more attention from audiences that eager to continue to study abroad.

In this case, the market is not limited to my close friends and broader audiences such as students interested in going to English speaking countries (e.g. UK, Australia, US). In this small workshop session, I will share my experience in preparing the accommodation and how to exploit the benefits in Ireland. I will also inform several scholarship programs that a potential student can apply if they are interested in continuing their education in Ireland. Therefore, I could promote Irish education more effectively and efficiently.

You can go there to read my experience winning the scholarship

Before I conclude, If you decided to use part of this material, I would suggest you to paraphrase the documents. By doing so, you can reduce similarities that may hinder you to win the scholarship


Winning Example (3) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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Winning Example (3) - Government of Ireland Scholarship (GOI-IES) Personal Statements
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